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Celebrating Our Relationship with the Intervale Center. A close partner deeply aligned with our mission: to inspire our community to pursue a lifetime of
outdoor activity and environmental stewardship. Graphic: Carly Freeman.

For the past 36 years, Patagonia has been funding grassroot environmental organizations in an effort to, as their mission reads, “to Save our Home Planet.” Skirack and Patagonia Burlington have been fortunate to be a part of this effort through grant support to the Intervale Center. In recent years, the grant has been given to the Intervale Center’s Conservation Nursery, whose focus is to raise and plant tens of thousands of native trees every year to support and improve water quality in Vermont. This has also been put forward to sequester carbon, fight erosion and build a better wildlife habitat.

This year, we are happy to announce that through Patagonia’s Action Works Grant Program, Skirack and Patagonia Burlington have been able to once again show our support with a grant of $20,000 to the Intervale Center: to support not just the continuation of critical conservation projects through the nursery, but to expand into supporting the organization’s broad range of conservation and agriculture projects aimed to strengthen community food systems. The grant is providing core resources to maintain the best services they can to their farmers, improve land and water quality, and bring more people into the good food movement.

It is no secret that the past year has been challenging for everyone and through Patagonia’s grant program, the Intervale Center is able to continue their hard work and efforts, while also planning for the future health of their organization.

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Top Sustainable Clothing Brands

Apr 12, 2021 2:27:00 PM

Sustainable Clothing Brands. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

When looking for the perfect activewear piece, there is a lot to think about. Is it moisture wicking? Is it comfortable? How does it fit? Can it be worn on many different adventures and seasons? Is it high quality and long lasting? And finally, is it sustainable? Sustainability has quickly come to the forefront and now more than ever is a major factor people consider when making buying decisions. At Skirack, we take all these questions into consideration when carefully curating our collections each season. We work closely with our trusted brands and dive a little deeper into what sustainability means, asking: who made it, how is it made, where are the materials sourced, and what is it made up of?

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Gravel biking is a great way to still ride while the trails are closed. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

As mountain bikers, getting through the ups and downs of the Vermont fifth season aka "mud season" can be challenging. One week, trails are dry and open - and the next week, they are closed due to rain (or even snow).

To get through this difficult time, we have come up with 5 things you can do instead of biking on the trails.

Keep up-to-date on trail status, find your Vermont Mountain Bike Association chapter and learn more about mud season at:

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Measuring a customer's feet is the first step of the run shoe fit process at Skirack. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

A properly fitting running shoe influences three factors in your running and walking experience: injury reduction, comfort, and performance.

Having a shoe that is fit by a trained shoe fitter that has evaluated the way your ankle and arch moves can help determine the appropriate shoe category for your foot. The shoe category is correlated with the level of support in a shoe and is broken down into neutral, guidance, support, and motion control. Too much or too little support could potentially lead to injury or discomfort.

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Exploring Vermont via bike. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

The Popularity of Bikes

Are you feeling cooped up and ready to get outside during 2021? You’re not alone! The past year of travel restrictions and unprecedented challenges have changed all of our lives. One silver lining is that more people have taken up new outdoor hobbies as a way to get out of the house, get back into shape, or safely socialize while relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Bicycles have always been a great way to get out in the fresh air, and in the summer of 2020, their popularity skyrocketed. Everyone desired the utility, freedom, and ability to explore that a bicycle provides. As a direct result of their newfound popularity, every type of bike, from kids bikes to electric bikes, have been in demand like never before.

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Electric bikes used to have a specific market - people who needed assistance in order to ride. But the market is quickly changing to everyone. Photo Credit: Specialized Bicycles.

What is an electric bike?

As electric motor technology progresses, so does the diversity of how it can be applied in two-wheeled machines. The “electric bike” umbrella encompasses a vast array of battery-powered cycles, but they are certainly not all created equal.

The term e-bike in the cycling world refers to pedal-assist bikes. This type of bike requires you to at least do some of the work. As you pedal, the motor will engage and add power to the rear wheel. The bike can achieve this in a few different ways that I’ll discuss shortly, but more sophisticated systems will actually work in harmony with the rider, basing the amount of power the motor puts out on how hard the rider is pushing the pedals. The way I like to think about a pedal-assist electric bike is that it’s just like I’m riding a regular bicycle, but with the fantastic illusion that I’ve magically gained the superhuman fitness of a Tour De France rider overnight. This feeling can be shared by anyone.

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5 Reasons to Cross Country Ski

Feb 4, 2021 11:04:31 AM

Cooper skiing at Sleepy Hollow Ski Center, Vermont. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

Cross country, also known as Nordic, skiing is a fantastic sport to pass what can be a dreary, cold, and long winter. Instead of waiting patiently on the spin bike or treadmill dreaming of those sunny spring days that could be months away, just grab a pair of skis, poles and boots and hit the snowy woods, mountains, and valleys!

Cross country skiing has is a surefire way to improve your cardio fitness as well as full-body physical strength, as well as increase your mental resilience during activity. The stimulation of full-body coordination and elevated heart rate will also help increase your mood, promote healthy metabolism, and give yourself an appreciation of winter, nature, and your body that you may not have had before.

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Selecting the right pair of snowshoes can depend on where you want to go or do. Photo Credit: Clarke Shedd.

Outdoor sports has become more popular than ever this year. Whether you are a runner, hiker, walker, biker, skier, snowboarder, or snowshoer I'm sure you've seen a lot more people out, enjoying what nature has to offer. Just like bikes, snowshoes has recently seen a huge increase in demand. Getting outside is important, but it is also key to have the right gear. It is important to know a couple things when you are selecting snowshoes. I am going to walk through what to be on the lookout for and how a snowshoe will best suit your needs.

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Don't Slip! Wear Winter Traction!

Different winter activities, including but not limited to, hiking, running, and even walking, require different equipment. Making sure you have the appropriate traction is an important step to staying safe outside in the winter.

It can be overwhelming with all the options out there - luckily, I’m here to guide you in the right direction!

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Alpine Touring Gear Overview

Dec 2, 2020 11:07:54 AM

(1) Dawn patrol hike up snowmobile track before the lifts start running on an eight-inch powder day. Photo Credit: Soren Feola. (2) Touring allows for some late ski days, including May in Bolton when this photo of Caroline was taken.

So you’ve decided to get into alpine touring this winter? Not only will this allow you to skip the lift lines and earn your turns, but also gives you an opportunity to explore the Vermont outdoors! Due to COVID-19 limitations at ski resorts, alpine touring can also help limit crowding.

We know it can be a bit daunting to find the right equipment to get out there, and the options of what to buy seems endless, but we are here to help! There are three categories to this blog post: first-time touring, frequent touring, and the elite alpinists out there. Although this will in no way be an exhaustive list, we hope this will be a good jumping off point! Just note that we have seen an increase in demand for alpine touring gear this season. Supply can be limited as well as shipment delays. Some gear recommended below might be out of stock, but please check in with us to see if we expect more or can find another option for you.

As a reminder, any time you are heading into the backcountry, educate yourself first, bring a trusted friend who is also knowledgeable, get the right avalanche gear (and know how to use it). Avalanches do occur in Vermont. If you are new to touring, check out ski resorts as a first step to get used to touring. Not all ski resorts allow uphill travel, so head to their website first and learn and follow the rules.

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