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Running Shop

Vermont's Premier Run Center 

Featuring our 30-day shoe fit guarantee.
Personalized fit for maximum comfort, support, performance, and injury prevention.

The Skirack Run Center and running store is dedicated to helping runners and walkers live happier healthier lives by educating and equipping individuals with the most appropriate running or walking gear for their athletic pursuits.

The Skirack Run Center and running store provides a comprehensive running/walking shoe fit service that consists of observing and measuring your feet to establish which shoe will best suit your foot profile. We then invite you to test each shoe we’ve selected by observing you in each running/walking shoe. Through this process, we are committed to helping you find the most appropriate shoe for your individual needs:

  • Provides your foot with the most appropriate combination of cushioning and support.
  • Facilitates your foot's more normal movement pattern.
  • Compliments your foot's biomechanical structure/function, aiding in injury prevention.

We understand that the true test of finding the right shoe for you happens on the road, trail or wherever your legs may carry you; that's why we stand behind our 30-day fit guarantee.

30-Day Fit Guarantee 

The Skirack Run Center and running store guarantees the fit of every running/walking shoe that is fit tested by one of our running shoe specialist. If you are not completely satisfied with the fit of your running or walking shoe, you may bring it back within 30 days and put the cost of your purchase towards a different pair of running shoes. Proof of purchase required.

Happy Running from your friends at Skirack.


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