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Electric Bike Shop

Electric bikes from Specialized. Photo Credit: Simeon Pol

An Easy Commute | Fun to Ride | Good for the Planet

Electric bikes (e-bikes) use a rechargeable battery and pedal assist. Get as much or as little exercise as you want regardless of your age or physical stamina. Improve health, time outside and decrease stress.

E-bikes can provide an incredible opportunity to get back on a bike again. They flatten hills, make longer distances obtainable, and are easier on joints. You'll want to ride your E-bike all the time!

Save money, lessen your environmental impact and greenhouse gases by riding your e-bike instead of driving your car. Add a bike rand and bike bags to easily carry gear - the pedal assist helps with the added weight.

Stop by Skirack to discuss options with one of our e-bike specialists.

Models can differ on battery life, speed, size, and riding style.

Electric Bike Shop in Burlington,Vermont