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Electric Bike Shop

Everything Electric Bikes, in Burlington, (VT) Vermont

Electrify Your Life with an Electric Bike!

Riding On a Scenic Bridge with the Raleigh Sprite Step Thru Electric Bike

Electric bikes (e-bikes) use a rechargeable battery and pedal assist. Get as much or as little exercise as you would like regardless of your age or physical stamina!

E-Bikes may provide an incredible opportunity to get back on a bike again. With pedal assistance, e-bikes flatten the hills, make longer distances obtainable, and are easier on your joints. You'll want to ride your bike more than ever!

Live a busy life? E-Bikes are a perfect counterpart for commuting to work, getting the groceries, and any short trips you may have taken with your car. Add panniers (bike bags attached to a bike rack) to easily carry gear - the pedal assist helps with the added weight.

What does Luke think?

“I am a mid-twenties, active cyclist who is always on the go, and I own an e-bike! What!? Someone in their twenties who is fit? No way. Yes way!

My partner and I absolutely LOVE our e-bikes for everyday life. We commute work, pick-up groceries, ride up the bike path for fun, have strapped a bar-stool on the side of the road to the rear rack, and almost entirely substitute the need to drive our vehicles during the work week.

And one of the biggest allures is the fun-factor. I don't think I can ride my e-bike and not smile. It's like riding a bike, but better.”
- Luke Bayus from Skirack Bike Department

Skirack's Val Cyr rides through Burlington, VT on the Specialized Vado 3.0 Electric Bike

E-bikes have many benefits including:

  • Better for your health:

    Increases exercise, decreases stress, and gives you more time outside. People who bike to work live longer than people who drive*.

  • Better for your wallet:

    The average 3 year cost to own and maintain a car in Vermont is $3,579 per year (not including payments). This is about average for the U.S.**

  • Better for the planet:

    There is very little environmental impact and no greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of filling up on gas and using oil, just recharge the battery!

  • Better FUN:

    We dare you to not SMILE when you cruise up a hill on an e-bike!
Commuting on the Specialized Turbo Vado Electric Bike

Try out an e-bike at Skirack today!

Not sure what e-bike is right for you?

E-bikes models can differ on battery life, speed, size, and riding style. Stop by Skirack to discuss options with one of our e-bike specialists. 

*  According to a robust study recently published in the British Medical Journal
** Vermontbiz.com (3/22/2016)


Electric Bike Shop in Burlington, (VT) Vermont