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Stone Grind Ski Service

Stone Grind Ski Service

Skirack is proud to offer a world class stone grind ski service using the Wintersteiger Race NC machine.

This service flattens and refreshes the base material of skis, and adds a finish structure to match specific snow conditions.

With a Race NC stone grind, skis absorb and hold wax better, ski with greater stability, edges more easily, and glides more efficiently. Refinishing skis with an annual stone grind extends ski life and preserves base material. New waxing rules have leveled the playing field for junior racers, however a well prepared base can give you the advantage and make your skis faster.

The Wintersteiger Race NC service stone grinding machine:

  • Used by most major biathlon and nordic race federations at the Sochi Olympics.
  • Used in the race departments by all major ski companies.
  • Available in only a select few ski grinding service shops in the United States.
  • The highest quality, most consistent grinding available.

Skirack has worked with Wintersteiger and Swix to offer a focused menu of grinds based on temperature, snow type, and humidity for skate and classic cross country skis.

Cross Country Ski Grinds Available:

  • 4.6 Skate Fine Grain, Sharp Crystal Snow Conditions
  • 6.7 Skate Universal Cold
  • 7.8 Skate Universal Warm
  • 8.10 Skate Wet, Transformed Snow Conditions
  • 4.6 Classic Fine Grain, Sharp Crystal Snow Conditions
  • 6.7 Classic Universal Cold
  • 7.8 Classic Universal Warm
  • 8.10 Classic Wet, Transformed Snow Conditions

Cross Country Ski Grind Pricing:

  • Grind: $69.95
  • Basic Base Wax Saturation with Grind: additional $20
  • Basic Base Wax Saturation, plus hardener with Grind: additional $40
  • 15% discount for teams/clubs

Cross Country Ski Batch pricing (10+ pairs)

  • Grind: $55
  • Grind + Basic Base Wax Saturation: $70
  • Grind + Basic Base Wax Saturation, plus hardener: $85

Stone Grind Ski Service in Burlington, (VT) Vermont