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Armada began in the early 2000’s, when how people skied was changing, but legacy ski companies continued to anchor their identities in alpine racing. What came to be known as freeskiing was a departure from anything that had come before - it shared more in common with the freedom of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing than it did with anything seen in skiing at the time. This new movement left more to the imagination, and there was a shared sentiment among a new generation of skiers that the style and progression they were pursuing should be celebrated. The time had come for a company that did exactly that. The handful of people at the epicenter of skiing’s evolution came together and was poised to adapt the team-based model of snowboarding and skateboarding to a ski brand. The business plan began simply: “Armada. What skiing will become.”

In November 2002 Armada moved from a basement home office in Truckee, California to its own building in Costa Mesa. In June of 2015, Armada moved the headquarters to Park City, Utah. Skirack offers a wide variety of Armada snowboard and downhill ski clothing including gore tex jackets, base layers, shirts, pants, accessories and more.

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