Good Wood Snowboards available at Skirack

TransWorld just dropped this year's Good Wood 2017-2018 snowboard winners. Here is a rundown of each winning board that we carry here at Skirack, which is taken verbatim from TransWorld website ( Links to YouTube videos are also included for each board. The selection process information is below, again from the TransWorld website. 

Men's Snowboard winners:

CAPiTA D.O.A. $419.95 - Park Division
Not a newcomer to the list of Good Wood winners, CAPiTA’s beloved Defenders of Awesome has become one of the most-awarded boards in history since its 2012 debut following the release of the film by its namesake. However, this season marks its first as a winner in the park category. Its all-mountain accolades explain the personality of this do-it-all twin. The DOA lands on the stiffer end of the spectrum of boards tested in the freestyle division, with positive camber extending through the majority of its running length before kicking up to forgiving early-rise at the contact points. This profile had testers sending it to the moon and touching down with confidence. One satisfied tester explained its personality as such: “What stands out about the DOA is its versatility. It handles anything in its path and rides well everywhere you take it.” The CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome is the ideal board for riders who aren’t looking for a “park board” so much as a go-anywhere ripper. It knows no limits.

Nitro T1 $449.95 - Park Division

Long the board of choice for many top-notch rippers, the Nitro T1 is, as one tester described, “Not a noodley jib stick. It’s a haul ass and take names kind of board” Riders with an affinity for going fast felt right at home on the T1, taking it to the moon on the jump line and out of the pipe. Now in its second year with a predominantly positive camber profile and slight early-rise in the tip and tail, testers described the T1’s ride as both “poppy and predictable,” likely due to its light weight and radial sidecut. The main gripe that we heard in relation to this board’s performance came from the jib contingent and was directed at its flex profile that lends itself more to all-around rallying than specifically rail-riding—it’s going to hold up to gap-to scenarios better than low-gear presses. For those looking for a traditional park board that’s tried and true, the T1 is a solid bet.

Women's Snowboards winners:

Salomon Pillow Talk $449.95 - All Mountain Division and Bang for Your Buck Winner
If smashing pillows, dropping cliffs, smearing butters and arcing turns are things you’re into, then Salomon’s Pillow Talk should be speaking to you. Annie Boulanger’s go-to deck has a new directional shape, with a scoopy nose and tapered tail. It’s hungry for the deep-stuff, but just as easily goes from fluffy fresh to slicing through the slush. The profile puts flat in the center, then protrudes to camber underfoot, before bumping to rocker in the tip and tail. “F%#& yeah! This is one sexy beast to ride, it has an amazing board feel in a variety of conditions and absolutely blasts through chunder without a worry in the world,” one exuberant tester offered. The medium-flex deck’s wide design is made for optimal maneuverability and float in the deeper conditions, and some testers said riding switch was a breeze, despite its directional shape. 

CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy $369.95 - Park Division and Bang for Your Buck Winner

As one of the winningest female Good Wood boards, the Space Metal Fantasy cinched its fourth consecutive award as testers once again were attracted to this lively park pick. “Poppy, precise and smooth to load up, I felt like I could launch into orbit, and spin laps around the sun with this baby!” a mystified tester mused. I was surprised with how smooth she locked in jibs, but also noticed it was a bit washy on hard landings,” she continued. The reverse camber profile has flat in the center, and rocker in the nose and tail for a carefree, forgiving ride. “Holy S***, this thing saved me so many times— I felt solid trying new grabs and switch tricks without worrying about getting hung up.” Built to push progression and not the bank, the Space Metal Fantasy comes in at a tasty price that will leave a little extra for gas up to the hill or a couple rounds at apres.

Arbor Cadence $399.95 - Park Division

For ladies getting started and looking to make a lifetime of riding lifts, the Cadence offers the right amount of versatile forgiveness to push your progression. As the only fully rockered women’s deck on this winners list, the Cadence is a pressable-butter machine that’s soft and easy to ride. One eager tester exclaimed, “Holy butterific! I don’t think you can ride this board without trying at trying at least one butter!” Testers found this true twin to be friendly when trying new tricks, but noted it was too squirrelly when attempting bigger landings. “I loved how soft it was, but definitely felt like it would wash out at higher speeds,” offered another. Testers also noted the Cadence was mellow to maneuver, tricks swung around easily and they didn’t worry about getting caught up thanks to the skatey, GripTech edges. With a 100% sustainable poplar wood core, the Cadence is lightweight, and snappy, but too mushy for larger-sized jumps. This deck comes in a bevy of sizes, so whether you’re a bigger gal, or a pint-sized ripper, there’s a chance a Cadence will be sized for you.

Rome Kashmir $399.95 - Park Division

An all-new offering from Rome’s ladies’ line-up, the Kashmir made its debut by snagging Good Wood gold in its first year. Ladies gravitated towards this deck’s progressive shape that rides like a true twin and has medium flex. Testers praised this decks stability, and lauded it for being primed for larger sized hits. “This board is on the firmer side of park-sticks, so you really had to work for those presses, but damn she was a beast on jumps,” a tester grinned, post-park lap. As a good go-to when boosting bigger hits, testers found the Kashmir also rode switch well, despite its pointed tail. “Honestly, I was a wee bit nervous about that tail, but it ripped the same when riding regular or setting up for a switch hit.” A smooth, surfy, solid ride, the Kashmir is ready to rip. With that pointed nose and tail, where would you take this Kashmir?

About TransWorld’s Good Wood Snowboard Winners 2017-2018
With hundreds of options available, how do you pick the best snowboard for you and your riding? The 2017-2018 Good Wood board test is a great place to start. Every board in here has been through rigorous rounds of testing in the environments it's intended for, and passed. Between the feature-filled freestyle terrain at Carinthia at Mount Snow in Vermont, and the rugged steeps of Snowbird, Utah, our eclectic and discerning testers rode and rated hundred of snowboards, ultimately concluding that these are the pinnacle of this season's freestyle and freeride offerings, respectively. Our crew is comprised of riders of riders of vastly varying sizes and backgrounds, with two commonalities: they're all experienced snowboarders with astute product knowledge. When a board stokes out the majority of this group, it means something. In addition to the park and all-mountain Good Wood accolades, we award two boards in each category with the “Bang for your Buck” designation, meaning they're the top-performers with the lowest price tags. Now in its 19th year, TransWorld SNOWboarding's Good Wood is the longest-running and most credible snowboard test on the planet.

How The Boards Are Scored
Shortly after ripping laps on each model, our testers score the board based on a comprehensive set of characteristics that include edgehold, pop, swingweight, turn initiation, stability, and flex. The scorecards for the park and all-mountain categories of the test each have unique and specific criteria designed to pinpoint the strengths and weakness of a snowboard in the setting respective to its category. Beyond the quantifiable scoring, we also ask testers to comments on each facet of the board's performance. These notes we refer to extensively when writing each review. Dive into the results and see what performed for our testers, then find what will work for you.