Winter Bike Commuting Items that will get you to Work and Spring

Winter bike commuting is much easier than you think. And no, it's not too late to start! Just think - no more having to start and clean off your car, just get on your bike and go. You will also save money by not filling your gas tank as much and less wear and tear, including less contact with salt which speeds up rusting. Even short commutes can add up!

In Vermont, February and March are the snowiest months of the year (remember that Blizzard Stella was mid March last year?). Winter bike commuting is even more enjoyable when it snows! Even when the snow goes away, there are still a few more months of slush and mud. 

Several of the Skirack's staff members winter bike commute into work - and we have comprised a list of winter bike commuting items that will get you to spring. 

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