Here at Skirack, we do more than just find a shoe that looks good and fits your feet. We pair you with a shoe that functionally operates that fits your exact needs.

We do this by really getting to know the customer, getting to know what kind of runner they are, what their arch looks like, any past or current injuries, and what their ankle mobility looks like. The list goes on and on from there.

This process allows us to narrow down the wall because we have a very large selection. There are strengths and weaknesses to every shoe and we want to best accommodate what your foot is going to need.

Once we present the customer with a few options, we head over to the treadmill. Here, we can put the customer in a running experience that's going to be closest to what they're actually going to experience out on the road. This gives us another opportunity to view the runner while in motion and further dial in the fit.

After trying a few options, we'll be able to lock in a shoe that feels good, performs well and most importantly, operates with the mechanics of your foot.

So come on down to Skirack, we all love talking about shoes, we love talking about running. Let's get the fit dialed in and make sure you're in a super comfortable shoe.

-Clarke Shedd, Skirack Run Shoe Fitter.

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