What's New and Hot in Snowboarding This Year!

This season has sure gotten off to a great start! We saw snow in the mountains early October, sparking us to get even more psyched about the winter season!

Derek Tiplady, Skirack's snowboard buyer gives his picks for what is new and hot this year in snowboarding and splitboarding.

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Snowboard Boots at Skirack

1. Bootfitting:

Skirack carries four boot lines that all have a distinct fit and shape to meet the broadest range of feet and budgets out there! They are Nitro, Rome, Salomon, and ThirtyTwo.

Let one of our snowboard staff look at your feet and make suggestions that will keep them happier, warmer, and feeling better and longer all season.

We use Superfeet and custom insoles to help get not just the right fit in your boot, but also keep your feet warmer and better supported.

Photo: Salomon LoFi Snowboard Boot

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2. Splitboarding:

Nitro Splitboards at SkirackSkirack was the first in the area to offer splitboard demos and we now can offer the most affordable way out to the back and side country in brand new equipment.

Pair the Nitro Nomad Split $499.95 with the Union Expedition Bindings $349.95 and G3 Splitboard skins $199 for a package that comes in under $950!

We also stock other deck options from Nitro and Rome as well as demos from $69 dollars a day. Learn more about Skirack's demos.

As for woman's splitboarding, we have the Rome 145 Powder Division moon tail split, which is the shortest length splitboard that we have ever carried. This would work for a small guy as well.

Photo: Nitro Nomad Splitboard 

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Volcom Outerwear at Skirack

3. Volcom Outerwear:

Volcom's social and environmental initiatives are overviewed here.

This year's outerwear line, all Gore-Tex product is now Bluesign and Fair Labor Association approved and uses PFCec free DWR coatings. Volcom will be completely free of all PFCec by 2023.

They are using Repreve recycled fabrics on all stretch twill and stretch oxford fabrics as well as interior basic taffetas. All of these fabrics are made from at least 95% post industrial and post consumer waste.

Items that Skirack carries this year include: L GoreTex Jacket and pant, Pat Moore jacket and pant, the Roan and Swift bib, Shelter 3D Stretch jacket, Freaking Snow Chino and Mira pant.

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Arbor Snowboards at Skirack

4. Arbor Snowboards:

Skirack's best selling men's and woman's boards from Arbor are the Westmark and Swoon Camber boards. They are both $450 and are both freestyle focused resort boards.

New this year all boards that feature their powerply topsheet (anything with actual wood as the topsheet) gets the benefit of Arbor taking the time to weigh each piece of wood that they will be using for cores and setting the lightest weight pieces aside for these boards. This has resulted in up to a half pound lighter weights across these decks.

They have expanded the use of 100% sustainably sourced wood to all of their cores and topsheets for the boards that we carry. Their Returning roots program has now planted over 300,000 Koa trees, on 800 acres of former forestland, with the full range of native under story plants throughout Hawaii.

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CAPiTA Snowboards at Skirack

5. CAPiTA Snowboards:

Zero! MARS1 is the world’s first clean energy snowboard production facility. As the CAPiTA base station and manufacturing home, The Mothership — distinguished as a flagship of responsible manufacturing — was awarded the Energy Globe Award for the Carinthia region in 2017.

Known as Nature’s Nobel Prize, with 178 participating countries, the Energy Globe is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is presented annually to projects focusing on renewable energies and the conservation of resources. Our dedication to building the world’s best snowboards, with the most efficient and sustainable processes, is galvanized by the company mantra — EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


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Nitro Snowboard Package at Skirack

6. Nitro Snowboard Packages:

We will carry the Nitro Prime Packages again this season for those looking for great starting place to jump into the sport.

The Prime is a progression friendly, catch-free All Mountain men´s snowboard. The Prime offers stability and easy riding to help you progress with ease. The Directional Shape gives riders of all skill levels more confidence, and the Flat-Out Rocker´s catch-free ride allows riders to learn new tricks in the park. The Prime is built for riders who want to skip through the basics and progress quickly.

$399.95 Gets you a $300 dollar board a $179 binding.

Photo: Nitro Nitro Prime in action

The Nitro Snowboard package is available in store only.
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Nitro Snowboard Boots at Skirack

7. Nitro Snowboard Boots:

Nitro Boots include: The Select, Team, and Faint boots. The most comfortable D30 equipped liners that fit the widest range of feet. All of these boots use air and D30 for dampening that results in less foot fatigue and happier feet. Each boot also uses their therminator lining to help reflect your own body heat back to you and keep your soles from acting as a heat sink.

The Faint woman's boot model is also pre-wired for a Therm-ic heating device.

The men's Team is now available in standard lacing as well as Nitro's twin lacing system.

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Nitro Drink Water Team Binding at Skirack

8. Nitro Drink Water Team Binding:

Nitro's most popular binding now emblazoned with the names of the people that have made snowboarding what it is today. From Bryan Fox and Austin Smith: "Drink Water is an idea It came about as we watched the snowboard industry, and other similar industries, be bought up by energy drink brands peddling their products to kids. Oddly enough, nobody was really opposing them.

We figured, as professional snowboarders with an opinion on the matter, we should try and use whatever influence we have, to protest. And for us the best protest is to promote something we do actually support. We started writing Drink Water on our snowboards and screen-printing sweatshirts in a garage in 2011. As we gave the sweatshirts away to our friends, we learned a lot of other people shared the same thought and Drink Water grew into an initiative, a brand, a movement, and something way bigger than us. It’s not about selling water. We’re actually committed to never sell water. We prefer it from the tap. And if you’re going outside, which we tend to do, fill up a bottle and take it with you.

As we continue to say "drink water," we recognize that nearly a billion people on Earth lack access to clean drinking water. That's why, for every Drink Water product purchased, 10% of profits are donated to water.org, a non-profit working on this solvable global crisis. Our goal is to spread this message; the simple idea that has become a movement of people questioning what’s being sold to them. Join us in saying something different, something simple, something as obvious as Drink Water. The 10% of profits to be donated extends to this binding." - Nitro

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Airblaster Ninja Suits at Skirack

9. Airblaster Ninja Suits:

The best long underwear ever! Available in Merino as well as a standard poly version, and a bunch of fun patterns; the Ninja suit is great for any cold weather activity.

The Merino version is crafted from their proprietary Merino-rich Woolverino fabric, this is the ultimate in one-piece base layer technology. With 55% Merino / 37% Tencel / 8% Spandex, Woolverino is 45% stronger and dries twice as fast as Merino alone. They use only non mulesed wool resulting in happier and healthier animals.

Both versions feature four-way stretch, superior moisture management, and midweight warmth. A formed fit keeps bulk to a minimum, increases moisture-wicking, and ensures a soft feel from head to toe. The thumb holes secure the sleeves in place to ease layering on a cold winter day, and the 350-degree waist zipper makes bathroom breaks a breeze. The woman's hooded version even has a ponytail hole to make use with a helmet even easier! Never deal with snow or drafts coming up between your jacket and pants ever again.

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