Meet Sean Whipkey

Hometown: Marshall, VA

Years of Experience: I have been at Skirack for 15 years and involved with sales in the bike and cross country ski departments. I am an avid mountain biker, alpine skier and snowboarder and started cross country skiing in 2005 after being exposed to it.

Outside Interests and Hobbies: My favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking and motorcycling, which I have been doing since the late 80's. Once the winter time rolls around, mountain biking does not stop and I thoroughly enjoy backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and of course sledding.

Favorite Gear: I really like the OAC skis which are a great for exploring and sliding in the snow. You can explore the same terrain you would on snowshoes, but you slide and can turn on the way down like you would on skis. The built in skin makes climbing easy and it also controls your speed on the way down. Paired with the universal binding, it makes exploring in your most comfortable winter boot a possibility - no special boot needed. I also like Craft base layers to keep me warm and dry.

Favorite local outdoor destination(s): Solo in the woods to take it all in. All in that nature has to offer. Just me, the season, the wildlife, the smells, the sounds, the visuals and my thoughts. I really enjoy seeing and hearing the wildlife. Best sighting so far is a very large fisher cat. Best sound heard so far is a very large Pileated Woodpecker. Both seen and heard mountain biking.

Fun Fact or Story: I got started in cross country skiing back in 2005. Growing up in Virginia, it just was not something that I was exposed to. I moved up to Vermont in 2000. I was into Alpine skiing and snowboarding and excelled at both. I was a snowboard instructor at Smugglers Notch, mainly kids. I had never been on cross country skis before. So, working at Skirack is where I was exposed to it. I really liked the idea of being able to ski right here in town if there was enough snow on the ground. I purchased some gear with the help of a coworker, Smitty. I got my new gear, got it mounted up and the first snowfall here in town I headed outside of my house. I put the skis down into the fresh snow, and after clicking into my bindings, I immediately crashed into the soft, fresh snow. Whoa! What a different sliding experience it is from Alpine skiing or snowboarding. And, regardless of the fall, I really enjoyed it!