Meet Sara Falconer

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Years of Experience:
10 years of skiing recreationally/competitively, 3 years of coaching, 1 year of sales

Outside Interests and Hobbies: I coach part time at the Mansfield Nordic club and for the MMU Cross Country Running team. Outside of skiing, I enjoy running, hiking, and camping.

Favorite Gear: Fischer RCS skis (skate and classic), Swix Delda Ski jacket, and Swix base layers, Skida Headwear, Toko Red Kickwax.

Favorite local outdoor destination(s): Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Kincaid Park, Chugach State Park

Fun Fact or Story: I grew up running and skiing in Anchorage, AK, a place known for its long snow season and beautiful hiking trails. What people don't necessarily know is that there are moose everywhere, and have to be carefully avoided in outdoor pursuits. I have actually been charged by a moose twice; once on foot and once on skis. Both times resulted in me jumping straight into the nearest thicket of bushes, where I waited for about five minutes for them to lose interest. While the skis took forever to untangle from the alder branches, the summer incident was much worse, in that the barbs from the thorny devil's club bushes took forever to remove. In all my years of cross country training and racing, I have yet to find a more reliable means of finding your max heart rate.