Meet Kyle Darling

Williston, VT

Years of Experience:
I have been in retail sales for 14 years and have been playing sports and running in some capacity since I can remember. At the age of 8, I started cross country ski racing. As far as running goes, my first 5K was in junior high, but it was not until I left college that I stopped using it as "training" for other sports. 

Outside Interests and Hobbies: Cross country skiing, running, mountain biking, hiking, cooking/eating. I participate in running races ranging from 5k-Marathon, new to trying 50k trail ultras also. I also compete in triathlons as well and hope to finish hiking of the Long Trail this fall, have southern 1/3 to go! 

Favorite Gear: Salomon S-Lab classic boots, Sporthill XC pants, whatever new ski I'm drooling over! Favorite gear for running is tough, there's so much awesome stuff out there! Currently love On running shoes and Janji clothing.

Favorite local outdoor destination(s): Catamount & Sleepy Hollow. Favorite summer activities are weekly trail running series at Catamount on Tuesday, mountain biking on Wednesday and a bunch of other local races. I like racing/volunteering at GMAA races too (everyone should do this).

Fun Fact or Story: My family started shopping at Skirack for cross country ski racing equipment when I was about 9 years old. After college I took a long break from competition, rediscovering it in my mid thirties. I love the cross country ski community and how everyone, no matter their experience level, can find enjoyment in being outside and active during the winter.