Meet Derek Tiplady

Hometown: Burlington VT

Years of Experience: I have been snowboarding for 24 years and have been fitting and selling snowboard product for around 10 years. I am also a buyer for Skirack's snowboard department and a bike mechanic come summer time.

Certifications and Awards: 2017 Seven Daisy's Best Ski and Snowboard shop. I believe that we have the best selection of gear in the area!

Outside Interests and Hobbies: Hanging with the Wife and Pup, Mountain biking, Cooking, Collecting records and old skate decks, Live music, Good whiskey and Vermont beer.

Favorite Gear: Current Setups for this season: Daily driver/Park setup: Arbor Westmark Camber 57mw/Union Contact Pro Binding/Thirty-Two Lashed Boots. Super surfy and fun with just enough edge hold to ride the whole mountain. Freeride/Banked Slalom: Nitro Quiver Squash 59/Union Force/Nitro Team Boot. This is the setup for turning and burning. Groomers or woods it doesn't matter. Split setup: Arbor Brian Iguchi Pro 59/Frankensteined split bindings/G3 High Traction Skins/Black Diamond Poles. Its so rewarding getting to the top just as the light fills the mountain, looking out over the valley and your route up, and laying the first tacks for the day!

Favorite local outdoor destination(s): Sugarbush/JayPeak/Bolton backcountry for snowboarding. Saxon and Cady Hill for mountain biking.

Fun Fact or Story:I was a professional chef and bartender for years. Need a recommendation or recipe?