Over the last 50 years Skirack has been helping people get outside. When our guests come through our doors, they're headed somewhere and we're going to help them get there.

While we are located on the corner of Pine and Main Street, we realize downtown is not the final destination. And when we think of Vermont outdoor, we think of our friends and longtime partners at Darn Tough Vermont.

"We're celebrating Skirack's 50th year, and what a better way than to do a special sock that we are doing for them, which is their celebration sock. So we came here to see how the socks are made, walked them through the steps, from the knitting side, then through wash and dry, and bording and inspecting and showing them from top to bottom how the sock is made. You know we started talking about their 50th year and I was amazed that it's been that long. You don't get there without being really good merchants. People are buying from them because of who they are and their customer service and their roots in the community rather than just because they carry really good product which they do, but it's not about that, it's about the service they provide to the community." Mark Comcowich, Director of Sales, Darn Tough Vermont.

We designed the Green Mountain Sock to commemorate this milestone and represent the final destination. Our hope is that you use it outside and take the green mountains wherever you go.

The Green Mountain Sock is available exclusively at Skirack and Vermont Trailwear. Click here to shop for the Green Mountain Sock online.