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Top Fall 2020 Running Picks

Sep 10, 2020 3:55:15 AM

Sunrise view on Camel's Hump. Photo Credit: Brittany Beland.

We are somehow in September. Many runners are feeling simultaneously relieved about the reappearance of crisp air yet already nostalgic for twilight run-swims. This summer seemed to roll through at a frightening clip for a time when things have never been more uncertain. However, late summer melancholy aside, as runners we are coming up on prime time. Autumn in New England. Here’s a look at new shoe updates and trends in running this fall.

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Comments | Posted in Product Features and Reviews Running By Chloe Egan

5 Tips for Socially Distanced Hiking. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

As we get into fall hiking weather and the amount of people getting on the trail increases, it's important that we still follow the Vermont Department of Health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We all need to play our part in maintaining a 6 foot distance from others and wearing a mask if you cannot do so - even when you are outside.

Navigating 6 feet socially distanced guidelines on a narrow trail can be a challenge, but with a little practice, patience and following these tips, I hope to help ease your anxiety and encourage you to get out. These tips can easily be applied to other activities, too such as running, biking, and winter sports, too.

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Comments | Posted in Expert Tips Running Hiking By Michelle Peters

Skirack's Brendan trail running along Camel's Hump peak. Photo Credit: Liam John.

 One of the most common questions I get as a shoe sales associate is what are the differences between road shoes and trail shoes? The subsequent question is usually: how do I decide which shoe works best for me? Here is a general guide for how to navigate those questions and the sometimes -overwhelming selections on a shoe wall.

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Exploring Vermont via bike. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

As many Vermonters opt to not travel out of state due to COVID-19 concerns, summer is looking very different this year. Instead of a big vacation, many people are choosing to spend time locally - biking, running, hiking and discovering what their backyard has to offer. Don’t worry, summer is not a bust! Vermont is a beautiful state with lots of options to get outside and explore.

Many people come through our door asking where to go, so we’ve curated an outdoor recreation guide of what to do in Vermont. Inspiring our community to pursue a lifetime of outdoor activity and environmental stewardship is our mission. We encourage you to do the same and share this guide. Nature is for everyone and we all share the job of making it comfortable and welcoming to others, as well as sustaining its natural habitats and beauty for generations to come.<

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Comments | Posted in Bicycling Expert Tips Running Hiking By Skirack

Jamie Sheahan and Ben Lustgarten running in downtown Burlington. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

Hi, I’m Jamie and I want to welcome you to C.H.A.M.P.! A Community Health and Movement Project aimed at creating an inclusive, diverse, and supportive active community in the Burlington area. If you are new to running, an elite runner or just looking to start a new walking regimen you will fit right in. In the interest of full disclosure, I run — a lot — and I love it, but I still find it hard to put myself in the category of “runner.” That’s because I used to hate running. To be fair, I sucked at it. I grew up playing team sports and absolutely dreaded team runs. I was always at the back of the pack, huffing and puffing my way along.

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Comments | Posted in Expert Tips Running Training and Nutrition By Jamie Sheahan

Do you know how to pick the right shoe? Photo Credit: Brooks Running.

How many times have you ordered a pair of shoes and expected them to fit perfectly but they caused a hot spot, they were too wide, or they were just not soft enough? Unfortunately, this is common but ...but there are ways you can shop online and still get the perfect fit. Sometimes all it takes is a little help from your friends (friends at your local running store that is). So below, we have outlined some suggestions and aspects to consider when making the ultimate decision.

Tip #1: What’s Your History?

The first thing you should do is take a second to think about what you may have used in the past. Was there a particular brand or model that worked really well for you? Maybe a brand that just didn’t cut it for you?

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1 Comments | Posted in Expert Tips Running By Chloe Egan & Clarke Shedd

Brittany finishes the 2019 Salomon Catamount Ultra 50K. Photo Credit: Ironwood Adventureworks.

The dawn of the virtual race. For many runners, virtual races have become the new norm - from living room 5k’s to backyard ultras. The running community has banded together creating hashtags like #RunningIsNotCanceled and events like the Aravaipa Strong Virtual Race turning out over 2000 runners across 29 countries - numbers that rival even some of the most prestigious races. Most have small or no prizes or medals but for many a percentage of each entry goes to charity, like Ironwood Adventurework’s Shelter In Pace Virtual Marathon. So to think motivation is low sounds contradictory, but the truth is, many people are feeling like their hearts aren’t in it, or are feeling disorganized and stuck in their training. So what can you do?

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Comments | Posted in Events Expert Tips Running Training and Nutrition By Brittany Beland

5 Tips for Social Distance Running. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

Between the news of COVID-19, being at home all day and Tiger King episodes on Netflix, getting out for a run has been the most challenging yet therapeutic activity I have been able to give myself these past few weeks.

Navigating the 6 feet social distancing rules on a run should be renamed “defensive running”. But with a little practice, following these 5 tips while developing your own, we hope to help ease your anxiety and encourage you to safely get out for a run. These tips can easily be applied to other activities like walking, hiking or biking. Please note these tips are subject to change via Vermont Department of Health guidelines.

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Comments | Posted in Expert Tips Running By Michelle Peters

The Importance of Self Care

Mar 23, 2020 3:16:08 AM

Clarke crosses the finish line in first place at the Times-Union 5K in Jacksonville, FL back in January 2020. Photo Credit: Used with permission from Times-Union Half Marathon & 5K.

With all of the mayhem this pandemic is creating it is important to take a step back from the news, negativity, and stress. Stay aware of what's going on, but take some time to unplug and clear your mind. It is now typical that wherever you go places are closed and no one is to be seen. Although this eerie sight has become the norm, birds are chirping, the sun is still shining, and there should be even more of a motivation to get out and do something while still keeping a safe physical distance.

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1 Comments | Posted in News Bicycling Expert Tips Running By Clarke Shedd

Meet Clarke Shedd

Mar 22, 2020 5:20:00 AM

Meet Clarke Shedd

Hometown: Shelburne, VT

Years of Experience: 10 years of Running experience from trail/road racing, training, and coaching. I've been at Skirack since spring of 2019 within sales of running shoes, apparel and accessories. I am also the Assistant Cross Country Running Coach at South Burlington high school.

Certifications and Awards: Winner of Jacksonville, FL Times Union 5k (2020). Top Finisher awards from: Race To The Top of Vermont, Catamount Ultra 25k, Pine St. Mile, and Green Mountain Half Marathon

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Comments | Posted in Meet Our Staff Running By Clarke Shedd
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