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Meet the George-Wheelers

Oct 24, 2023 12:45:42 PM

Skirack / Patagonia Burlington's owners pose at the Intervale Center. From left to right: Zandy Wheeler, Karen George, John George-Wheeler. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

Zandy, when Skirack first opened its doors in 1969, what was the initial vision you and your partners had?

Our vision, dream and mission was to create the best ski shop possible. We knew we had competition. But somehow we focused on getting some great brands so that we could give people the best experience possible. We literally won over customers one at a time. We believed that we loved the sport as much as anyone and that made us credible and fun to deal with. Fortunately we had some locals and vendors who believed in what we were doing and took a chance on the new guys in town.

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Comments | Posted in News Meet Our Staff History By Skirack

In 1969, twin brothers Zandy and John Wheeler, along with a group of UVM ski bums opened up a small town ski shop and called it "Skirack".

50 years has seen a lot of changes in gear - do you remember leather boots and straight skis? What about the day-glow days?

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Comments | Posted in News Videos History By Skirack

Skirack through the years: 1970s, 1980s, and today in 2019.

As an outdoorsy native Burlingtonian, my relationship with The Skirack/Downhill Edge is a long one, so here goes. You can also Google some of the long-gone businesses and brands mentioned here.

Center Street:

I remember the first Skirack location on Center Street, where the Daily Planet restaurant is today. At 12 years old I wasn’t much of a customer yet, but my brother, my friends and I would frequent Skirack to ogle the bikes from brands like Paris Sport, Gitane, Atala and Crescent, and skis from brands like Rossignol. I even remember seeing a very early carbon bike frame there. They sold Ski Racks too, and one of the best brands was Barrecrafters, made in Shelburne VT by a company owned by Dick Snelling who later became Governor of VT.

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0 Comments | Posted in News History By Sam Hewitt

The Skirack, Inc family at the Intervale Center and Conservation Nursery. Photo Credit: Zach Walbridge.

The Skirack, Inc family recently came together for our First Annual Company-Wide Community Service Day; including Skirack and our two other store locations: Patagonia Burlington (est. 2011) on College Street, and Vermont Trailwear (est. 2017) in Waterbury Center. All three locations closed their doors for the day - allowing everyone to take a step back, give back, and have some fun. What a great way to celebrate Skirack’s first 50 years together and give the Intervale Center some love!

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Comments | Posted in News Events History By Michelle Peters

Over the last 50 years Skirack has been helping people get outside. When our guests come through our doors, they're headed somewhere and we're going to help them get there.

While we are located on the corner of Pine and Main Street, we realize downtown is not the final destination. And when we think of Vermont outdoor, we think of our friends and longtime partners at Darn Tough Vermont.

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