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A Basic Guide to Cross Country Ski Waxing

Ski wax is an integral part of modern cross country skiing. Wax improves the performance of skis and maintains the health of ski bases. There are hundreds of wax options to maximize performance in different snow types and temperatures. For the beginner, starting a collection of waxes can seem like a confusing and expensive process.

Here is a very basic guide to help you find the most affordable, effective, and easy to use waxes. 

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What's New and Hot in Snowboarding This Year!

This season has sure gotten off to a great start! We saw snow in the mountains early October, sparking us to get even more psyched about the winter season!

Derek Tiplady, Skirack's snowboard buyer gives his picks for what is new and hot this year in snowboarding and splitboarding.

Shop in store or online for a full selection of snowboarding gear including: snowboards, boots, bindings, clothing, and accessories.

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Dressing in Layers for Outdoor Comfort

Spending time outdoors is a big part of the lifestyle of many Vermonters, and dressing to stay comfortable during changing weather and activity levels is important if you want to get out there and have fun doing it.

Luckily, there are many trusted and well established gear brands that offer everything you need to be comfortable doing whatever you like to do outside.

Deciding what outdoor clothing you need and how to use it can be as complex as you want to make it, but if you start by learning to dress in layers, then you are well on your way to outdoor comfort.

The following tips on layering will help you make the most of what you already own and make better decisions about the new gear that will make your adventures even more fun.

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When a new customer comes in for a downhill ski boot, we assess the foot as well as the skier and take a multi-point measurement of their foot. We then select 1 or 2 pairs of boots that should fit their feet pretty well and after the skier tries them on, we will determine what exact pair they should be skiing in that year.

"You don't need to try on 15, 16, 20 different pairs of ski boots to find the perfect fit - you just need to find someone to assess your foot, assess you as a skier, and knows the current boots who can put those pieces together very easily." Doug Stewart, Skirack Downhill Ski Boot Fitter.

Learn more about Skirack's Boot Fit Guarantee

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Top 10 Products for Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)

Spartan Races, Tough Mudders and other adventure races fall into Obstacle Course Races or OCR. Races tend to be between 3-5 miles for the Sprints, 8-10 miles for the Supers & 13+ for Beasts & Ultra Beasts. You can do anywhere between 20-50 obstacles in a single race. Obstacles include 20’ rope climbs, monkey bars, jumping over walls 3-8’ tall, carrying sandbags, Atlas Stones or Wreck Bags up and down mountains. 

Competing in OCR requires endurance, power, strength, agility and speed. During a race, you will crawl, carry, climb, jump, hang, lift, pull, push, squat and run. OCR is basically Ninja Warrior but up a mountain with 3-13 miles of running.

The right gear matters quite a bit for training and competing in OCR; without a question, the most important piece of gear you’ll purchase for OCR is shoes. We have compiled a list of what we recommend for shoes and gear that can aid you in your race. Items are available at Skirack, but subject to availability.

Interested in starting or improving Obstacle Course Racing? Check out our OCR classes at The EDGE (information is below).

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It's Not Me, It's You. When To Break Up With Your Running Shoes.

The purpose of exercise is to stress your body in a way that makes it stronger and healthier and gives you a feeling of well being. Whether it’s walking or running on roads or trails or something else, it’s important to pick a shoe that feels good on your feet with the proper fit.

Your running shoes are more than just cool looking fashion items, they are lightweight protective devices for your feet. Your personal experience may vary, but running shoes are generally expected to provide support and cushioning for 300-500 miles, depending on your physique and how you use them. And most of you tend to replace your shoes within six to twelve months.

Once you’ve found the shoes that work best for you, you can just lace them up and go, and go and go! Consistency is the key to long term success, but it’s hard to keep running in the same pair of shoes if it hurts or doesn't feel good after a while. 

So how do you know when it’s time to break up with your trusty kicks? Read the full article for some warning signs.

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Comments | Posted in Expert Tips Running By Sam Hewitt

Jake from the Skirack Bike Department introduces the Specialized Tracer Pro Tire, available in two sizes: 700x33 and 700x38. Find out why you should check out this tire and the differences between the two.

Click here to shop online for Tracer Pro Tires today! 

Now until May 31, 2018: Buy a Specialized Bike Tire and Get the next one at 50% OFF!

Shop at Skirack or online for ALL Specialized Tires today!

*Offer applies to tires $40 and up. Second tire must be of equal or lesser value. Limit four tires per customer.

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Sam C. from the SKIRACK Run Center discusses the varieties of hydration packs and vests from Nathan Sports and Salomon.

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Sam C. from the SKIRACK Run Center discusses the varieties of hydration and cloth waist bands from Nathan Sports.

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Sam C. from the SKIRACK Run Center discusses the varieties of handheld hydration bottles from Nathan Sports.

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