Q&A with Ben Lustgarten from The Tour de Ski and 2019 World Cups

Skirack cross country ski fit expert, Jake Hollenbach will be doing a series of short Q&A's with Skirack sponsored athlete Ben Lustgarten while he races the Tour de Ski and 2019 World Cups. Enjoy!

QUESTION: How many Olympic gold medalists did you eat Christmas dinner with?
ANSWER: I ate Christmas dinner with 2 Olympic gold medalists! Jessie Diggins and Connie Carpenter-Phinney.

QUESTION: Favorite comfort food while you're in Europe?
ANSWER: Comfort food is probably pizza.

QUESTION: Stage(s) you are looking most forward to?
ANSWER: I’m looking forward to all the 15k races and especially excited for the final stage climb just because of how different and challenging it is supposed to be.

QUESTION: Any special steps you'll take for recovery during the Tour de Ski?
ANSWER: I will be focused a lot on my nutrition and hydration. I also brought a Compex electrostim machine to help relax my tired legs. I will be taking full advantage of the massage therapist that the U.S. ski team has. I also plan on shortening my warm ups and cool downs as the week goes on to do as little as possible and let my body rest.

QUESTION: How many pairs of skis did you take over?
ANSWER: I brought 16 pairs of skis, 8 classic and 8 skate! All in one ski bag too.

QUESTION: What did you forget to bring?
ANSWER: I forgot to bring my laptop which was a surprise when going through security. Luckily my parents are watching the final two stages so my parents will bring it .Embarrassing but that’s mom and dad!

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Ben Lustgarten is a cross country ski racer for the Craftsbury Green Racing Project and competes at the national and international level. He is also a Skirack sponsored athlete.

Photo Caption:
Ben Lustgarten completes Stage 6 in the Tour de Ski at the World Cup.