Skirack in 1979Like most stores of our kind, Skirack began as a small store run by a few hardcore enthusisasts. Our humble beginnings were as a downhill ski shop in the back of an insurance agency on Center Street in downtown Burlington. In 1975, we discontinued the alpine ski business and concentrated on cross country skis and bikes. We also moved to our present location (pictured on the left as it was in 1979).

In 1976, the Downhill Edge joined us inside our store and subsequently moved into their own location on Main Street just four doors away. A close association remained.

85 Main Street served as a grocery store during the 1920's.In 1991, we expanded into the building next door. Historians refer to 85 Main Street as the Hitchcock house, built in 1806 by Samuel Hitchcock, the first Attorney General of Vermont and son-in-law of Ethan Allen. The building remained a residence throughout most of the 19th century, and has since served as a tenament, a grocery store during the 1920's (as seen in this photo), and a restaurant.* Visit the Vermont Historical Society for more information on the rich history of our area.

The Downhill EdgeIn 1996, Skirack acquired the Downhill Edge, our longtime friends and neighbors. In November 2000, the Downhill Edge in Burlington closed its doors at 65 Main Street and reopened inside the newly expanded Skirack. Now, the biggest and best selection of outdoor gear and clothing for all your interests is under one roof.

If you are looking for the finest outdoor gear, clothing, and accessories, there is just one place to go in Burlington. Skirack's got the Edge!

* History of Burlington Neighborhoods, Volume 2, by David Blow
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