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Our online bicycle selection is representative of what you can find in our Burlington, Vermont store. For a complete listing of our in-stock bicycles, open or download the following PDF file:
PDF File Skirack In-stock Bicycles (PDF file, ~80 kb) - Requires Adobe Reader

Please call 800-882-4530 or email info@skirack.com for more information and up-to-the-minute availability.

Please choose from one of the following products:

Item #: 2960OSB17
Skirack Price: $1,200.00

Item #: 2960OSB19
Skirack Price: $1,100.00

Item #: 2960OSB9
Skirack Price: $830.00

Item #: 2960OSB6
Skirack Price: $810.00

Item #: 2960OSB10
Skirack Price: $700.00

Item #: 1311OSB10
List Price: $760.00
Skirack Price: $699.95

Item #: 1311OSB2
List Price: $740.00
Skirack Price: $699.95

Item #: 1311OSB12
List Price: $690.00
Skirack Price: $549.95

Item #: 2960OSB14
Skirack Price: $520.00

Item #: 2960OSB13
Skirack Price: $520.00

Item #: 2960OSB12
Skirack Price: $520.00

Item #: 1311OSB1
List Price: $590.00
Skirack Price: $449.95

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