Skirack, 85 Main Street, Burlington, VT

About Skirack

Skirack first opened its doors in 1969 just a few blocks from its present location at the corner of Main and Pine streets in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Over the years, we have undergone many changes and all with one goal in mind - to provide the finest outdoor goods and services.

For a few years, we operated two stores on lower Main street. Skirack was our home for all things self propelled - bikes, cross country skis, snowshoes, inline skates, running shoes, kayaks, and the clothing and accessories for it all. The Downhill Edge housed our gravity division - downhill skis and snowboards. Now its all under one roof. More history...

Burlington's Waterfront Park and Lake Champlain from Battery Park.
We have the pleasure of doing business in what many have termed "one of the most livable cities in America." A short walk from our front door is Lake Champlain with the Adirondack mountains of New York as a backdrop. Visit the City of Burlington or Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce to learn more about our fair city and wonderful state.

If you would be interested in working in a fun and dynamic environment and living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth (forgive us our bias), please feel free to send us your resume.

We are here to help you enjoy the sports we enjoy. If there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to contact us.

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